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lo friend, I am a 23 year old married woman. I have been married for 5 years. My color is a little cloudy, my height is 5 ft 7 inches and the figure is 36-28-38. I think if any man will see me once, russian escorts in goa I can say with confidence that his cock will be standing. By the way, I have been quite fond of before marriage, but every new fuck has its own fun. Today I will tell you how I kissed my dewar. By the way, Devar Sister-in relationship is so cute. If the bride can be half-haplati then why cannot she be half husband? The point is when my marriage had been for 3 years. My husband had to go abroad for a month with the business work. Well, our sex life was going very well, but whoever had a passion for fuck every day, how could he have stayed up without a quarrel for a month? My situation was almost like a water-like fish. I was agitated for the cocks. One day I was getting bored sitting like this in the house, that suddenly my devar and devarani came. Those people used to live a short distance from our house and also have close connections to us. After my husband went abroad, they often used to come to our home. goa escorts As soon as I arrived, I arranged for tea snacks for those people, then we together tasted tea and breakfast together. After this we had a lot of things in between. While talking, Devar used to look at me with a glance but I smiled in front of him. Dewar knew this to me that I am very happy and I am happy all the time. But nowadays I'm looking like a blooming flower. This thing was known to me. After a little talk, they went to their house. After a few days, my brother came home suddenly, I was wearing a skirt and top. He looked at me and said - What's the matter, sister-in-law has disappeared from this beautiful face laughing? escorts goa So I said - after leaving Rohit (husband) I fell alone. So she said - Where are you alone sister-in-law? Let me know if something is needed. So I asked in the style of asking - Needed something ever? He understood my gesture and said - yes sister in law needs anything, you just say so right! After all, he is also a man and the biggest weakness of all the men is the pussy. I smiled at him and said - I'll tell you right. Then he left. The next day he came straight to my house while coming from the office, I wore white color knit at that time and wore black color matching bra panties inside. Who was clearly visible from the knight. You can now understand what his circumstances might have happened. Well, this situation was clearly understood from his pants, but he was unable to do anything. There was a fire in my pussy. I was thinking that when it was naked it would beat me. I thought it would not be able to do anything like that. I have to do something. goa escort So I arranged for him a tea-snack and took tea and breakfast. As soon as he leaned for a snack at the table, he looked at my rounded cheats. I noticed that he was staring at my cheeks and staring at them. Then I went from there to the kitchen and from there I saw that he was pressing his cocks on his feet and thinking about something in his mind. Then I tried a trick and tried to take a box placed on the wall above and scream loudly pretending to slip legs. Listening to my screaming he came to me and got hold of me. I did not delay too, put his arm around his throat and pretended to be more painful. Then he started pressing my feet and said - Where is the pain, sister in law? I said - maybe there is a sprain in the leg. goa call girls So he picked me up and brought me to the bedroom. While raising me, one hand was on my waist and the other hand was on my neck. I said - Dear brother, the pain is getting very much, put a little warm oil on your feet. So she went to pick up the oil in the kitchen and I wondered when this saab fuck me when I have given it a green signal from time to time it is not understood. Then in 5 minutes he came with oil and started oiling on my feet, and he dared to tell me- raise sister-in-law a bit, or else it will get worse with oil. I also lifted up on the knees without any hesitation, and made an excuse for a little heat and opened the knit 2 buttons too. Now he started putting oil on my feet. While putting oil, he started to touch my thighs and in between he was also looking at my black panties between my bare thighs. Now that he was too hot he was able to understand me clearly from his tent made in his pants. goa independent escorts Then he started massaging my feet lightly. I said, 'Dear brother, yes, place it here. Yes, here a little up yep and a little above. Yes, there is pain here, do not move here here, and doing so, I filled her in her arms and began to kiss her wildly. Then quickly opened his pants and pulled out the cocks. As soon as I pulled out his cocks, my eyes were torn off. My husband's lund is 6 inches but my brother-in-law's lund was 8 inches. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it with full vigor. Have fun Devar ji, yes have fun I started sucking and reddening her red. Then she said, 'Hey sister-in-law, sit down comfortably, this is my cunt for you, will you eat? I said - Do not say anything; Do not just tell me to fuck my face with your ladders; models escorts goa Then he too lied me up and we came in 69 position, my pussy was being sucked, I was sucking his cocks. After about 10 minutes of spitting, I fell down and he also fell into my mouth after a while. I licking her licks and licking it thoroughly. Then a little later I started to lick her on the cocks and started sucking in her mouth. Deor's lund got ready for the second round in just 2 minutes. Now I said - Dear brother, your sister-in-law is yearning for sex, do not torture too much; Let it extinguish me in my pussy, my thirst for so many days, with this my devar has its 8-inch tall and 3-inch thick cocks My pussy sucked in and I groaned loudly, killed my sister in tears, she also came in full swing and started turning her shocks fast. She was being very tightly clothed to me. independent models goa I too was very pleased with the color of her cocks and was making her more crazy with sexy voices. Devar also came in full swing, he never dicks in the cock in my pussy and never lets out the cocks and put it in my mouth. What to tell friends was also a lot of fun. When I pulled my cock out of my pussy and put it in my mouth, my pussy sleeve also came in my mouth after looking at her cocks and so I started licking her ladders and getting excited. On the other hand, Devar Raja was also sucking his cocks with a big pimple. 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He was tired of lying next to me and when I lay down I came over to him. goa dating said - Dear Lord, thank you very much today, you quenched my thirst for thirsty and promise me one. Until Rohit does not come, you will not let me feel the lack of crying. Devar- Yes, my life, I promise, till you do not come to your husband, I am your husband. By that queen what you have given me today, I want to stay here for my birth and birth, I love you, Queen. Later he promised to meet me again and went away and whenever I call him he will come.